This is 2020 – and website design just isn’t enough. Long gone are the days of just slamming up a pretty website, kicking back, and watching the business pour in. There was a day – you were the only player in town online – all of your competitors were a decade behind, and you sucked up all of their marketshare simply because you had an online presence.

Businesses are smarter. Consumers are smarter. This stuff is difficult now. Effective marketing takes some serious thought.

Inbound Solutions Group Website Design
Mobile Optimized Design is no longer enough

The good news is that with difficult problems come solutions that most people are too lazy to pursue. When you crack that nut today, you can again start eating away at your competitors marketshare. All that said, you have to be willing to invest some time and money – and have a little patience.

There are tons and tons and tons of web design companies floating around out there today. The vast majority of these companies are very very rich in technical knowledge but notsomuch when it comes to practical business applications. They can build you a beautiful website with all of the bells and whistles – but beware – if they are not solving a problem – you can be tossing good money down the drain.

Enter Inbound Solutions Group.

ISG focuses 100% on solving problems. If you don’t have a problem, we cannot help you. If you just want a website for the sake of having a website, we cannot help you. Our mission is to help you identify the problem you are having and create a unique and effective solution. We fix stuff.

The number one problem we get – in different and varying circumstances – is this: “…we need more business. More revenue.”.

Inbound Solutions Group Lead Generation

When we hear this we immediately begin asking lots of questions and eventually we develop a real, practical, measurable, client acquisition strategy. Part of that strategy will most likely include either a new website or revamping the site you have. Part of the strategy might include your social media presence. Some of it could include some time management. We might even talk about employee acquisition as well. At the end of the day – all of this has to sync up and work together to solve your problem.

Your new website in 2020 will probably look totally different from what you have now. We no longer do a one-way brochure-type website telling everybody how great you are – they don’t care. They want their problem solved. Your new website will tell them exactly how you will solve their problem and map out the experience they can expect. Nobody cares how many awards you won last year. Nobody cares about that new piece of equipment you have. They just don’t care.

So the next time you get a call about “…redoing your website”…ask them why. Are they trying to give you a prescription without first making a diagnosis? Be careful out there. If you want real answers and a real conversation – give Dennis a call at 706.994.6213. Anybody can do work. You can pay anyone to create a website – they do the work – you pay them. Ugh. Most of the time – your problem wasn’t even discussed, let alone solved.

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