Here at Inbound Solutions Group we live and die by strategic processes. Nothing is done by chance. Nothing is done on a ‘hunch’. Nothing is done on ‘gut feeling’. Our company is run via processes and the services we deliver to our clients is run via processes. The only variation is dependent upon the individual service we’re providing.

Website Design

Our process for website design is somewhat complex on our end – we have over 140 detailed tasks associated with a basic website design – on your end – the customer – we have simplified our processes into the following categories:

Inbound Solutions Group Website Design
Mobile Optimized Design

Discovery Phase – This is where we ask away. We ask a lot of questions. We want to know your expectations, what you like, what you don’t like, who your competitors are, who your target audience is, how fast you need this site up and running, and so much more. Most importantly – WE LISTEN.

Strategic Phase – This is where we put all of that information above into an executable blueprint. We outline every page of your website – mapped out for mobile first design, a great visual appearance, functionality, and search engine optimization.

Execution – This is where the rubber meets the road. We execute our carefully planned-out blueprint and you watch your site come to life. We also preform a quality analysis of every page that includes all functionality, search engine optimization, and visual appeal. We build your site.

Launch Phase – Now it’s time to make the site go live. After significant testing we remove the splash page and let the public have it’s first look. We collect input from you, your staff, your customers, your mom, your cousin…whoever…and we carefully tweak any aspect of the website that needs attention.

Once your site has been launched and is live – we move to the optional (but highly recommended) maintenance phase.

Marketing – Lead Generation

Inbound Solutions Group Lead Generation

Our processes for marketing is much different than that of designing a website. With a website – you have a tangible product to look at. Notsomuch when it comes to marketing. The success or failure of a marketing campaign is all about measuring results. It’s much more about numbers – analytics. Are we delivering the result the client is expecting?

Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time ~ Dennis Lynn

The exact processes vary a little bit – depending on industry, geography, expectations, objectives, etc…but for the most part it goes like this:

Objectives. What do you want to accomplish? Why? When? Once again we’re hammering our client for answers regarding expectations. Our job is to help guide the client in the right direction and offer our expert advice as this process moves along. This stuff doesn’t work unless it gets measured – if you don’t know what to measure – it doesn’t get measured. In case you missed it – we’re real big on analytics and making sure all is well and everything is working as expected.

Audience. Who is our targeted audience? Where are they? What do they like? How much do they buy? Why do we target them? You can deliver a perfect message – but if it’s to the wrong audience – you are toast. Epic fail.

Platforms. Once we know where we’re going we can begin looking at the various platforms that will help us get the job done. This can be an arduous process. Are we doing content marketing? FaceBook? Twitter? YouTube? Google Ad Words? Some of each? What is our budget? We will go into great detail exploring the options and make sure you are an integral part of the final decision.

Measure. Yes. We like numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Once our campaign is up and running we monitor in real time making necessary tweaks and adjustments to hone in on our objectives. Rinse and repeat.


Inbound Solutions Group Consulting

Finally – our consulting process. Nothing firm here. Our consulting services are 100% customized to the client – their needs, budget, and objectives dictate our processes, workflows, and strategies. Rest assured that client acquisition, client services, and client retention will be part of the discussion in our initial consultation. The first interaction with us – is a freebie. Call Dennis at 706.994.6213 and schedule a time for a quick 20 minute discovery call.

Dennis Lynn
Inbound Solutions Group
Blairsville GA