NEW! Microsites! $199!

Inbound Solutions Group now offers one-page Microsites!

Highly effective and very inexpensive.

We have a package that is unbelievable. $199 for a one-page website + $10 per month for maintenance and hosting.

Our package includes the following:

  • Built on the popular WordPress platform.
  • Scaleable – able to add to the site in the future – very affordable.
  • Includes a Domain name.
  • Includes Hosting.
  • The page is basic Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
  • Includes up to 3 Email Addresses.
  • Google Analytics Installed.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Links to your social media accounts.
  • Links to your email address.
  • Google Map showing your location.
  • Up to 5 photos / Graphics.
  • Text Information: who you are, what you do, how you do it, where you are, etc…
  • Hours of operation.
  • Call to Action.

So – for a couple hundred bucks you get a fully functional and beautiful website that is 100% scalable if you want to add to it down the road. 


Give Dennis a call at 706.994.6213. If he doesn’t answer leave him a message and he will get back to you asap. Prepare all the questions you need answered.



Sample One-Page Restaurant Site
Sample One-Page Law Firm Site

Sample One-Page Real Estate Site

Sample One-Page Nail Salon Site
Sample One-Page Florist Site