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If you would like a quote on a website, marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, or consulting services please use the buttons below to shoot us some basic information – and let’s talk. No packages or one-size-fits-all here. Everything we do is custom and specialized for you and your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

How much does a house cost? A car? Super hard question to answer. For most small businesses you will get by for under $1000. Ecommerce might set you back $2000 or so…it just depends on what you need. We will help you determine the most cost-effective options.

How much are your consulting services?

Our consulting services are very specialized and customized for your situation, your problems, and the outcome you desire. There are many variables. We do one-time projects with a set fee – we also do long-term projects with a monthly fee. Our initial consultation is FREE – call Dennis at 706.994.6213.

Can you make my website mobile compatible?

Yes! Google now penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Also – depending on your industry – as high as 80% of your visitors could be visiting your site on a mobile device. A website that is optimized for phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops is no longer an option. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly you are losing business.

Do you outsource your work to other countries?

No. No. No. Many website developers do indeed outsource to foreign countries – it’s cheap – most of the time they do acceptable work. You get charged $2000 or so – the company doing the work pays out $400 to someone in Bosnia or India – they make great profit with very little physical involvement. We do not do this. We build everything right here on our computers.

What type of consulting do you do?

We do general small business consulting focusing on: Client Acquisition – Client Services – Client Retention. We also work with CEO’s, small business owners, professionals, and sales pros on time management.

Where do you work?

We have clients across the United States and even into Canada. Much of our work can be done via video calls and phone calls.

How do I get Started?

Click the links on this site to contact us or call Dennis directly at 706.994.6213 and we will setup a discovery phone call. This isn’t a “sales call” – this is a discovery call to see if you want to work with us and vice versa. Sometimes there is a great fit…sometimes notsomuch. We don’t want your business if we cannot help you. 

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