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Dennis Lynn has been helping companies with their websites and marketing strategies or 25 years. Dennis was one of the first to jump from conventional to digital marketing – leaving the printing press and embracing the monitor. Visit the contact page to reach Dennis or just click the button below.


Results are all that matter. Pretty websites and fancy marketing hacks – that – generate no revenue are expensive and useless. ~ Dennis Lynn


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Inbound Solutions Group Combines a Wealth of Experience in the Real Business World with Digital Expertise. A Unique and Rare combination.


Inbound Solutions Group isn’t just another marketing company without real world business experience.

Dennis Lynn worked for 25 years in the printing and advertising industry doing everything from running printing presses to customer service, management, and sales…before the digital revolution.

Dennis has taken those traditional and conventional skills, combined them with a heavy education in the digital world – to create Inbound Solutions Group. He has been a partner in Social Media Dudes, The SBP Group, and other companies. Dennis also co-hosted one of the most popular business shows in the North Georgia Mountains – “Taking Care of Business”.

Dennis lives in the beautiful north Georgia mountains with his wife Terri. They have a daughter, son-in-law, and two adorable grand boys. They have a grand dog too – a boxer named Layla.

Dennis & Terri have a passion for travel, hiking, football, baseball, auto racing, and spending quiet time with family. Dennis also loves playing golf.




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The one thing we will NEVER do is outsource your work. The stories of companies doing this are horrific. We do everything in-house unless there is something very specialized that needs to be done elsewhere – in that rare case we talk to you first before moving forward, and most of the time we’ve already discussed this during our initial conversations. The one thing we always DO – Dennis is hands on with every project. He is also available 24/7 365 via phone, email, text, or social media.

Our customer service is unmatched by anyone.

We believe 100% in processes. We never start a project without a timeline, a clear objective, and explicit expectations.

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